My Unplanned VBAC

by Michele on May 18, 2011

A special thanks to Michelle from Scraps of My Geek Life for sharing her VBAC story today! Isn’t it amazing how every birth is SO different? If you would like to share your story, please submit it here!

My VBAC story is probably not the typical story. My first child was a c-section, so when I was pregnant with my second child, my doctor gave me the option of scheduling a c-section or trying a VBAC. I really liked the idea of scheduling the birth into my life especially since we were up against my husband’s three week trip which was during my last month. I was two weeks early with my first, so I was concerned. I scheduled the c-section for my due date and spent 9 months assuming my second child was going to go along with my plans and would arrive on April 22.

Scheduled C-Section?

Well, she had different plans (as they all do.) Two days before my husband was supposed to fly home from his big three week trip, I started having what felt like pretty good contractions. Since I never had contractions with my first (another long story,) I wasn’t really sure. I called him and he hurried and got on the next flight home from Las Vegas. I went to the doctor the next morning, Tuesday, and she told me they were Braxton Hicks and I was so tightly closed up that there was no way this baby was coming for another 2 – 3 weeks. At that time she informed me that she was going skiing over Easter Weekend (in 3 days) and that there was only one doctor on call all weekend.

Very early Saturday morning, I woke up out of a deep sleep and had no idea what it was that woke me up until I stood up and realized that I was leaking fluid, or rather gushing fluid. It took me a few seconds to realize that my water broke (and of course my doctor is skiing.) We went to the hospital and I planned to have my c-section.

The on-call doctor was already at the hospital with three other women who went into labor early and two of them were delivering twins. They told me I was fourth in line. We waited and waited and waited and my contractions were getting closer and closer and closer together. I was freaking out a bit because I hadn’t planned a VBAC and I didn’t do any research on it and I had no idea what I was in for, but it looked like I was going to get one anyways. Since it wasn’t an emergency, they would let me go until it was time to push or the doctor was ready to do a c-section, whichever came first.

Unplanned VBAC!

When the contractions were unbearable, they gave me the epidural and that was when the nurse told me that she was pretty sure I was going to go naturally because the other women were not near ready to deliver and I was getting closer and closer. I was now really scared. I’m a planner and this wasn’t what I planned. But, as our bodies often do, things progressed as they should, naturally.

After about eight hours in the hospital, the doctor came in for the first time to check on me and I was ready to push. I don’t want to oversimplify it and say it was easy, because it wasn’t. But it was not as scary or as difficult as I thought it would be. The doctor and nurses were wonderful at helping me through it all. Telling me when to push and letting me rest between contractions.

I pushed for about one hour and then my baby girl was born. WOW! What a moment that was! So different than the c-section where I didn’t get to hold my baby for several hours. They put her on my chest and my husband got to cut the cord (which he did do for the c-section too.)

Ultimately, I was so happy I had the VBAC. The recovery was a lot easier than my c-section. I was lucky that I didn’t need an episiotomy, so there were no stitches at all. I was home with my family after one day and within a few days, I was taking my older son to Chuck E. Cheese. That is something I wouldn’t have attempted after my c-section.

Four years later, I was pregnant again and this time I was definitely having a VBAC again. However, once again, my babies don’t agree with me and I ended up with an emergency c-section because my third baby had the cord wrapped around his neck twice. My fourth child had to be a c-section because I had two already and my last one was just 16 months prior. In the end, as long as my baby is healthy, that is what counts. But if you are faced with the decision whether to try a VBAC or go for the c-section, think about trying the VBAC.

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