I had my babies, but I didn’t birth them

by Andrea November 10, 2011

I didn’t birth my two babies. I had them. I’ve come to terms with my first, his was truly necessary and without a doubt saved his life. The second, I’m still trying to heal from 7 months later. I had Aedyn February 2009, he was what the Dr called hyper-mobile, all it meant was that […]

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Every scar on my body represents a time my life or my child’s life was saved

by Andrea November 8, 2011

My first pregnancy I had wanted a natural delivery-no drugs, no interventions. We even hired a doula, to support me during this process. My water broke at 41.5 weeks at1:30 am. I labored at home and had erratic contractions until 10am when we decided to head into the hospital with our doula. I was checked […]

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Well THAT was awkward…

by Andrea September 4, 2011

I was looking back yesterday, my daughter’s 23rd birthday, to the day she was born, That day I became a Mommy for the first time–this beautiful tiny creature swooshed across the landscape of my life like a tidal wave, changing every nuance and making everything unfamiliar, yet brighter and more hope-filled than I ever imagined! […]

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What Happens During a Cesarean Birth?

by Andrea May 9, 2011

Many thanks to Betty-Anne for sharing so many interesting and important details about how c-sections happen from the medical perspective! Betty-Anne is 5 weeks away from her own due date and works as an OR nurse assisting with Cesarean Births. Good luck Betty-Anne, ¬†and best wishes for you and your new little one! I’ve never […]

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Welcome to Scars for Love!

by Andrea May 1, 2011

Thank you so much for joining me on what I think will be an amazing journey! Scars for Love has been in my heart for a very long time and I am so thrilled to jump in and support other women who have birthed their children via cesarean. The birth of my son left me […]

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